Riva San Vitale House

This house is designed to merge, as best as possible, with the outside world. It follows the confines of the property and its layout and colours are inspired by the majestic mountains all around. The ground floor runs the entire width of the land and consists of one large living room. The broad glass doors and the uniform choice of materials make it possible to extend the living area as far as the swimming pool.

To bring the garden inside

Glass screens fold across the front of this house in Yamanashi, Japan, to transform a covered garden into an indoor dining room. Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka’s concept for Outside In was to bring the garden inside, the opposite of previous house Inside Out, which turns indoor rooms into outdoor spaces by letting the rain in.

Summer House

The summerhouse, designed by Filter, is situated in Skåtøy, an island in the beautiful Kragerø archipelago, on the South coast of Norway. The topography of the site is reflected in the section as two volumes;

Japanese warehouse

Along a series of lushly green mountains, narrow rice field terraces are divided by a mountain stream. Surrounded by this complicated yet beautiful abundant nature, a settlement can be seen in Kashiwano-machi, a town in Kaga city, Ishikawa, Japan. The project site was established in an gap along by a national road running the edge of the city.