Multi-Hued Kuggen Building

Kuggen, an office building in Gothenburg, Sweden is coated in bold shades of red and unlike any sustainable building you’ve ever seen before. Inspired by both cog wheels and the saw-toothed edge of a leaf, the circular building was designed by Winngårdh Arkitektkontor and is composed of six floors each skewed to the south to provide shade for the floor below. A high performance facade and efficient window placement are combined with solar power on the roof as well as a moving photovoltaic shade screen on the top floor. Aiming for energy efficiency and a cool place to hang out, the office building serves the Chalmers University community and includes public meeting space and a coffee shop too.

Massive “urban campus”

Designed by Melbourne-based HASSELL,  the massive “urban campus” occupies 130,000 square metres and is the location of the daily grind for 6,500 people. The design centers around a common hub that on the ground level includes cafes, a visitor centre and public art. Throughout the campus, 44 individual hub spaces connect to quiet working zones.

Hotel for corporate suites

This motivated them to create a hotel where every recurring visit would be a completely different experience in an attempt to break their drudging routine. Every suite would have a different floor plan and spatial arrangement.

Olympia Tower

A big space defined by communist block of flats, urbanism for the 80, rigid and alienated. On the other side of the boulevard, a sea of houses. A space crowded between important streets that are intersecting in a place known as Munci square.